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If I fight with another vegetarian, is it still considered beef?
The secret to me is you.

I look like the type of girl that likes girls. Side Note: I don’t. #NIKEFOOTBALLSOCIETY 🏈

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A letter to my ex…

"My pussy taste like berries and cherries and everything nice."—Dai Burger

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The Struggle Is Real…

There’s nothing realer than the everyday struggle; having to wake up super early after a long night, gaining unwanted extra pounds when you have to fit into a pair of extra skinny jeans for your best’s birthday party next week, having to make dinner for your family after a super long day at work, having a long day of work…my GOD! How do we do it?!

Romans 7:15 - I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.

I hate being tired in the morning, yet I somehow always am…and I bet it has to do with me only getting about 4-5 hours of sleep every night.

I always said that if I met a genie who’d grant me three wishes, like he did Aladdin, I’d wish for the ability to turn off being tired. I’d be able to get more work done and never feel groggy. Unfortunately, the chances for that ever happening are ridiculously slim and so I’ll just have to do better at controlling my sleep cycle, which—if you know me—is not an easy task. THEE-STRUGGLE!

Refer to Judges (chapters) 6-8; the story of Gideon. Basically, God chose him to free the people of Israel and to condemn their worship of idols. When calling upon him, God refers to Gideon as “mighty man of valour,” but He isn’t saying this just to encourage Gideon. I mean, he is, BUT Gideon’s name actually translates to “mighty warrior” so what God was really doing was just reminding Gideon of who he already was. In the everyday struggle, sometimes you need to be reminded of who you already are. We all need to be pushed at some point; to be reminded of our true potential.

About two weeks ago there was a message that touched my soul. I left church thinking “damn, I’m a pretty powerful human being.” Not only did I bring 3 others to church with me that day, but I brought a “non-believer.” Me. I did that. I convinced someone who had spoken the words: “I don’t believe in God” to church that day (and again today).

I believe there comes a time (or many) in life where we become out of touch with who we are, or who we’re destined to be. Some of us live better than our neighbor, with better jobs, homes, better looks, etc. With that being said, I’ll also say this: everyone’s got a struggle. Look at Robin Williams, or Simon Battle who just committed suicide. Both persons were in the limelight doing something they loved and even still, somehow, it wasn’t enough to keep them on this earth.

You’ll never know the strength you have until you go with the strength you have. There’s only one way to find out the things we’re capable of and that’s by (like Nike) just doing it. We’re often scared to try new things, because we like to remain within our comfort zone and, because nobody likes rejection.

In order to know who you really are you’ve got to embrace the struggle. Embrace your flaws and love your ugly. Turn it into a strength. Remember in 8 Mile when Eminem went up there and gunned himself on stage? He accepted every single one of his flaws and called HIMSELF OUT, leaving room for no one else to do so. Embrace the struggle to lead with the strength you already have.

Matthew 19:26 – With man things are impossible, but with God all things are possible.

Verses to consider: 
John 10: 15
Judges 6:11 
1 Samuel 30:6

The everyday struggle is impossible without the everyday savior.

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